Tea, Tea, Tea, by Chapelier Fou / funny mambo remix by mr.teddybear

Deluge, a video by Ron Stratton,
original music “Police State”, by mr.teddybear

On 8/11/14 Detroit was hit with a historic flood. I had set up the blackmagic pocket cam with my Cosmicar 12.5 as a lens test and ended up getting some neat footage.

most shots are the Cosmicar with close ups of the street, water tower and moon done at 75mm on a Sony C mount 12.5-75mm and the sunrise at end shot with a Tokina 11-16mm on the bmpcc speed booster.

Really like how this turned out and very very pleased to once again feature music from mr.teddybear, please check out his site and keep an eye out here for our future collaborations. Thank you!


Release date: 15th August 2014 Digital version

A collection of forgotten tracks released as a tribute to dead computers and lost friends.

FILTHY TOYS by mr.teddybear

Just uploaded Virgule #6 to Mixcloud. Listen now!

The “placards & cadavres” EP will soon have an evil twin. FILTHY TOYS / release on 15th of August.



And that’ll be the end of the 2000’s unreleased materials serie.

New Photography ITW !

An interesting interview, even for me (!), by the good australian people from artpharmacy.com.au  / http://www.artpharmacy.com.au/blog/2014/4/8/interview-with-antoine-piron

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